I feel sad

Just a few signs you may have PPD

Momsanity is your personal postpartum depression self-help app. Know your risk of postpartum depression and in case of any symptoms, do not hesitate to help yourself create your caring postpartum MoMents and live blessed motherhood.

Ever had similar thoughts?

To be a good mom I must

be happy and thankful all the time

Appreciating and living into the roles of motherhood from the point of a woman and a parent is equally important. We are here to support you embrace both roles.

What I truly need is

to cherish myself, my body, and my mind

You are born a miracle.

Ever considered this angle?

I am able to reconnect with my


for having a blessed motherhood

How does Momsanity help?

Momsanity is a Postpartum depression risk check-up and a transformational 14-week-long journey.

Momsanity journey


body needs

Explore key areas of physiology and improve your resourcefulness.


Myths in

Understand the myths about motherhood and acknowledge their effect on new moms. Take action.


Explore your
inner world

Go into deeper levels of understanding, precise your thinking patterns and write your own new story as a woman and as a new parent.