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What is PPD?

  • Postpartum Depression is not your fault. It’s a mental health condition, so it needs treatment to get better.
  • You are not alone. 1 in every 5 new moms is experiencing PPD.
  • This condition makes it harder for you to embrace your new role as a mom, which can intervene with your relationship with the baby. Addressing your condition betters your attachment.

So what is postpartum depression? 

Postpartum depression (or PPD) is a mood disorder. It can occur 2 weeks after delivery and can affect the mother up to 1  year after giving birth. It is connected with intense feelings of tiredness, sadness, and anxiety. 

PPD is nobody’s fault, especially yours. If you experience the following symptoms, call your health provider: 

  • feeling sad
  • feeling angry or anxious
  • loss of energy
  • changes in appetite
  • loss of pleasure from things enjoyable previously
  • feelings of hopelessness
  • feelings of shame
  • thoughts of suicide
  • difficulty in concentrating and decision-making

Other symptoms might include: 

  • experiencing difficulties in bonding with the baby
  • excessive crying
  • fear of not being a good mother 
  • in extreme situations → thoughts of harming the baby